We use our skills to reveal the beauty that is within rather than masking it with makeup. Our service is full and comprehensive, from the wedding trial to the day itself.

Coming from a fashion shoot background we understand that when the big day is over the only tangibles left for family, friends, children and grandchildren are the photos. So we treat every wedding as we would a fashion shoot.

Not only is our makeup applied with photography in mind, the Empower team also ensures that makeup, hairstyle and dress are all in visual harmony. The results we pride ourselves on are beautiful, happy brides and bridal parties – and beautiful memories that can be enjoyed for generations.

In the bridal trial we aim to create the perfect look for your big day! This three hour consolation will cover it all. Your ideas, hopes and dreams for your bridal look will be discussed and made a reality. We will give you the 5 star treatment and tailor the perfect makeup package for you.

We will ask you about what you’ll wear, the colours of the day, your makup preferences, whether you have any allergies, skin care routine and how much makeup you wear or are comfortable in. We want to know if there’s parts of your face you want enhanced, or downplayed, if you have skin concerns and what you would like to be the main focus: eyes, lips, skin? Most importantly, we want to make sure you are 100% happy and that we are making you feel your most beautiful you.

Before the trial itself, we will ask you to do a number of things:

  1. The night before the trial, exfoliate and moisturise well. Ideally apply a mask too.
  2. If you are going to wear fake tan on the day, and if it is possible, please wear it to the trial. This allows us to see how the makeup will look on the day.
  3. If possible, wear something white or cream (if you are wearing this colour on the big day), as well as something with a similar neckline.
  4. If you have particular styles in makeup or hair in mind, bring in a photo so we can match the makeup to the style.
  5. If you have bridesmaid colours and dresses chosen, we’d like to see photos of these too, as there maybe able to reflect and tie them in to your makeup.
  6. And lastly, if you could bring a camera or a high quality camera with you, and a kind friend, we will take photos from all angles to use as reference on the big day.
"From beginning to end while working with Aisling from my trials to the day I could not have picked a better makeup artist, I had also been over plucking my eyebrows for far too many years which left me with no eyebrows at all and Aisling fixed them with the ultimate brow solution which is almost like a tattoo eyebrow she has so many different services that make you feel beautiful!! I looked amazing on my wedding day (if i do say so myself) my mom and bridesmaids were also beautiful. Aisling was so helpful and thoughtful, she really does know how to Empower women."

The big day is here! And we’re coming to you! Wherever you are situated, be it home or hotel, our artist will be there for all your makeup and hair needs, as well as those of your bridesmaids.

As you will have already had a trial, our artist will work ensure your chosen look and it will be delivered in a calm, professional and efficient manner.

It is our aim to make you feel special and beautiful on your big day!

“Aisling and the Empower Studio team were a pleasure to have been involved with for my wedding. From myself and all my bridal party I couldn’t have asked for a better person to look after us from the run up to the wedding to the actual day. My make-up lasted the whole day along with my hair, I honestly could not have been happier with the turnout or the service and how professional the Empower team were.”
Helen May

4-6 month bridal preparation package

You’re not alone when it comes to the pre-wedding beauty preparation. We are experts in this and can advise you on what your options are. We take brides through a journey of different treatments to bring out the best in them by the time the wedding day arrives.  We know how expensive the beauty preparations can be so we have put together packages with discounts. This allows brides to be able to do more to look their absolute best!  Brides can pick and choose from these 6 services/products that they want to include in their own unique package.

  1. Bridal makeup
  2. Eyebrows – HD 
  3. Eyelashes – Yumi
  4. Essential Oil Health & Beauty Kits – Skin, Weight Loss, Stress & Sleep, Emergency Health Problems
  5. Micro-needling

Diamond Package – includes all 5 treatments for the bride who wants the absolute best for her wedding day!
Diamond brides also receive 20% off all treatments for 1 year after the wedding.

Pearl Package – Select 5 treatments and save 20%

Crystal Package – Select 4 treatments and save 15%

Essential oil bridal consultation

The other aspect to fully preparing a bride is helping them with their overall health and wellbeing. The better the bride feels physically and emotionally, the better she will look and enjoy herself.  With so much extra pressure as well as a lot of late nights and extra partying, it is easy for them and the groom to get run down. Let’s face it nobody wants to run into health problems before, during or after the wedding, especially on the honeymoon!

So we also include a free essential oil consultation for the bride.  We show them how to use a whole new type of medicinal grade essential oils which have amazing health benefits! In this consultation we go through the following areas specific to bridal health & beauty:

  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Management & Sleep
  • Skin Care – Acne, Rosacea, Anti-Ageing, Eczema & Psoriasis, Scarring etc..
  • Emergency Health Conditions – Cold Sores,  Colds & Flu’s, Headaches, Digestive Problems, Bug Bites
“I would recommend Aisling Powell to anyone looking for a professional makeup artist for their big day. Myself, my bridesmaid, sisters and mum were all delighted with our makeup. She was professional and gave great guidance with choosing the bridal make-up that helped complete my look. She even managed to cleverly cover, and reassure me about some ‘stress blemishes’ that in typical fashion decided to appear the day before the wedding. On the day my skin looked flawless.”