Phi Brows Consultation €25.00

Phi Brow €480.00

Top up €299.00

Express Eyebrows €40.00

Eyebrow extensions €100.00

HD Brows €55.00

We can’t over-emphasise the importance of the shape of your brows to your appearance.  – 70% of your expressions depend on them.  Yet it’s so hard to achieve the perfect shape and tone  –  as you’ve probably already discovered! No two brows, no two faces are alike – skin tone, facial angles, hair colour all differ.

We’ve studied, attended courses, practised and perfected the art of shaping eyebrows to compliment every face with precision, symmetry and perfection. It’s a complex process that only the most gifted can master.  And we have. We can transform your brows. We’re confident that our skills can rescue even the most difficult brows. You will be truly amazed at the difference an Empower Eyebrow makeover will make to your appearance. It’s no easy job, so leave it to the experts.

I am completely blown away and delighted to win the "Treatment of the Month" in Social & Personal thanks to the review by Donna Fitzpatrick on PhiBrows

"I usually don’t let anyone near my brows, except for myself, but I plucked (!) up the courage recently to let a recommended brow expert by the name of Aisling Powell do her best. The first treatment, which started with threading, took over 2 1/2 hours and I was back a month later for a touch up. I very highly recommend it"
Donna Fitzpatrick

This 30 minute consulation will involve mapping out the perfect brow shape for you. It will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatment and upkeep.

Forget the morning effort of putting together a respectable looking set of brows. With semi-permanent brows that’s a thing of the past. You can have perfect brows every day no matter how problematic they may be right now.

The process involves an oscillating needle which deposits fine-grade mineral pigment beneath the skin which breaks down within 3 years. And the result can be as subtle as you like – there are now 30  pigment shades available for fair brows alone!

Semi-permanent brows are perfect for the woman who likes to look her best at all times and are also recommended for women who over plucked their eyebrows or who are undergoing cancer treatment. Because they’re semi-permanent the skill of the artist is all-important. At Empower our artistry and precision is outstanding and always there to help empower you.

"Had Phibrows done by Aisling. At all times during the treatment, she made me feel very comfortable and was extremely knowledgeable & professional. Also, I’m delighted with the results – my brows look just stunning! Cannot recommend Aisling’s work and Empower Makeup highly enough – thank you!!"
Sabrina Orbana 

Phi Brows is an exciting semi-permanent make up treatment. Designed to work with your face, we will map out your Golden ratio using the unique contours of your face. This will give your face symmetry and the shape will be truly tailored to you! Phi Brows involves micro blading, which uses a small needle to deposit the vegan dye under your skin.

As this treatment is semi-permanent, after 6-12 months you will need a top up to continue seeing your brows in tip top condition.

Express Eyebrows is all the shaping and definition of HD Brows, but without the dye. Ideal for those with dye allergies, or people who don’t want or need a tint.

With Express Eyebrows, you still get a tailored consolation and treatment. We’ll work with you to create your perfect brow shape. This treatment is ideal for those with little to no time for their beauty treatments, as it only takes half an hour. Perfect for a lunch break treat.

"The lovely Aisling transformed my scant brows into something truly serious in just two visits. I adore my Phi brows and there is no going back."
Chupi Sweetman-Durney

Using ILAH Brows, we offer the latest innovation in eyebrow care. If you have sparse brows or hair loss, this treatment is for you! Think of brow extensions as false lashes, but for your brows.Great for filling in gaps or simply lengthening.

Our ILAH trained professional will apply individual hairs to your hair or skin, using a surgical grade superglue. Each meticulously applied hair will add volume and shape to your eyebrows. And they last 14 days!

If you want perfectly shaped and tailored eyebrows, look no further, HD Brows are the answer to your brow worries. HD Brows will frame your face beautifully, and give you that coveted polished look.

With HD Brows we will take you through a 7 step programme to get perfect brows.
An in-depth consultation will ensure you get the brows that are the right size, shape and colour for your face, as well as your personal style.

  1. Step one of the process is assessing your brows and working with you to design a shape you’ll love.
  2. Step two is where we use our hand blended, for you, high definition tint. This colour can either lighten, darken or be toned to what you want.
  3. Step three we will wax the new shape of your brows.
  4. Step four is where we will thread your brows, ensuring a blended finish.
  5. Step five is tweezing any remaining hairs.
  6. Step six we will trim your brows to the perfect length.
  7. Step seven we will apply a calming antiseptic to the skin around your brows.


"Aisling is great I loved my HD brows when I got them done. She is very professional and also gave me some great tips on make up is well. I would definitely recommend Empower Studio"
Clare Kennedy

"After 1 session of HD brows the difference was remarkable! They are so talented and super friendly, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Looking forward to my next session and my bridal makeup trial!"
Linda Sampey

"Craving my next HD brow fix, pay day cannot come quicker!"
Suvi Coffey