Yumi Lashes €60.00

Party Lash €25.00

Strip Lash €12.50

Lash tint €20.00

If you want your lashes looking great, but don’t want to use mascara every day, a tint is a quick and convenient solution.Maybe you have fair brows, work somewhere you can not wear make up or are taking a fabulous beach holiday. With this tint, you don’t need to worry about mascara; or the dreaded panda eyes on a hot day.

For all of you fun, party girls who want to be noticed when you’re out and about for how fabulous your lashes are then these are the styles for you.

Our lashes are 100% human hair which means that even our heaviest styles are super lightweight and have an incredibly flexible band which make them easy to apply. All of our lashes come with our super strength glue, we guarantee that your lashes will out party you. Part Lash is perfect for the girl on the go, who loves looking great, but has very little time. With Party Lash, you can expect perfect lashes for up to a week.

We will cut and apply a set of strip lashes to you.

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Forget about fiddling with lash curlers or lash perms that only add a curve.

The revolutionary Yumi Lashes will curl and lift your natural lash, without the need of extensions or strips. You’ll have thicker, longer looking and lashes.

This hour-long treatment will curl and tint your lashes and lasts approximately 8-12 weeks, or as long as the natural cycle of the eyelash.

Yumi Lashes enhances what you already have, and you’ll be left with beautiful lashes that have to be seen to be believed.